NEW! A non-therapeutic mentoring service for youth

Youth Coaching addresses the individualized needs of a child or youth with behavioral health concerns who need guidance or youth who have transitioned from needing therapeutic support services to a non-therapeutic youth coach. This service is intended for children or youth previously at-risk of entering a residential level of care, disrupting from their home or foster placement and are now in a more stable and consistent home environment. These children and youth can set their own life goals or work with their team members/parents/guardians to set realistic and attainable goals.

In order to emphasize consistency and relationship building, it is expected that the same staff person will continually provide coaching for each child assigned for the contracted length of time. This service is intended as a steppingstone into autonomy as progress is made toward set goals or goals are achieved.

This coaching style is provided by paid, experienced/trained and supervised individuals.  This service is provided for 1-4 hours per week per youth and contracted for a minimum of 3 months.