Let’s Partner to Give Your Child the Best…

The school system’s use of the Common Core Curriculum can be exciting, but not if your child falls behind. We reinforce your child’s learning by strengthening their foundations in Math and English from kindergarten through sixth grade by meeting your child at his/her level and helping them to find confidence through learning.

We have experience as the long-term substitute, the teacher aide and the paraprofessional. Education staff are valuable people and they are a core part of your child’s support team. We enjoy partnering with teachers, agencies, and families in order to see the best positive outcome. 

Stay informed of our academic schedule: ACADEMICS_WACALENDAR_SY2020

Specific Provision: tutoring in Sign Language, visually focused tutoring, ADD modified tutoring

Interested in becoming a part of our tutoring team? Call Us and we will see how you can support the next child in your area. 

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