In our experience, you can’t over-communicate. There are thousands of people in the world who have learned English as a second language and there are thousands more who can’t hear or process verbal language at all. Learn to be visual. A little goes a long way.
You won’t be an expert or have a degree after you’ve taken this course, but you will be able to communicate both receptively and expressively simple needs, wants and emergent situations. Interested?
We host 2-3 classes per year. Each class is a minimum of 4 weeks for just 1 hour per week. We provide some of the history of Deaf culture and there’s a basic sign language test at the end of the course. Sound good? Have questions? Great!

When we inform you of a new class, just sign up below or print this  ASL Registration Form and mail it to us at P.O Box 11212 WTBY 06705