We have been diligently monitoring the dynamic shifts of this pandemic, remaining cognizant of the latest (and ever-evolving) health guidelines provided by the WHO, CDC, Dr Anthony Fauci, Dr Deborah Birx and other health professionals. We have also been monitoring the impact of the virus in our community (CT), adjacent states (i.e. New York, etc.)  and other states throughout the nation.

We are aware that in most states the pandemic is worsening, while in CT, (once number four as one of the most impacted states) is now among the best relative to the impact of the virus in other states. Ward Advocacy is aware that there is still are tangible threat to the life, health and well-being of the children and families we serve in this community and are sincerely committed to their continued health as well as our own, that of our staff and their families.

We understand that there is no level of vigilance that reduces risk of contracted the coronavirus to zero, but we are convinced that strict adherence to recommended guidelines strongly mitigates its spread.

Current Safety Measures & Protocols

  • Ward Advocacy staff is to be tested and receive a negative COVID result before resuming services with a youth and submit proof of those results to Ward Advocacy.
  • Ward Advocacy is providing all staff with masks, hand sanitizer and gloves.
  • Before Therapeutic Support Staff pick up a child he/she will sanitize their vehicle with Clorox wipes or another disinfectant proven to kill the Coronavirus.
  • In accordance with health professionals recommendations, during transport masks will be worn and windows will remain open.
  • If it is a very hot day health professionals advise that AC that brings in fresh air is acceptable though, open windows are preferable to AC. Ward Advocacy is recommending to our staff that on days that may require AC, that the windows remain partially open to allow better air flow.
  • Ward Advocacy is requiring staff to wear face masks while with a child and that the child wears a mask as well.
  • Activities are to be such that avoids indoors and crowds.  
  • If dining is part of the activities for the day take out or outside dining venues are acceptable.
  • Ward Advocacy, LLC will provide additional support to staff to assist with planning activities that minimize exposure to COVID-19.