Positivity of Diversity and Fear

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If this recent election has taught us nothing else, we are definitely a nation of diversity. That diversity can cause us to divide into smaller and smaller sects of people determined to reside within our little piece of the country or it can ignite brotherhood and conversation. After all, we have differences existing within our own immediate family units. Some of us feel more closely bonded to someone who isn’t blood-related.

Fear often drives people to make positive or negative decisions. This is because fear in itself is a powerful emotion. When we don’t understand something like being let go from a job or why a school system refuses to give our at-risk child additional services, we come to a point of decision that is often rooted in fear. How will I survive? How will he make it through? Will I be hired again?stress-magnify

Before deciding on what to do, therapists and doctors recommend proceeding with caution and getting a handle on the emotions before responding to those type of situations because they know the health risks and the emotional toll stress can have on the body. According to 2015 report released in March of this year by the American Psychological Association (APA), the impact of discrimination is devastating. Since 2007, the APA commissioned a nationwide study which culminated in this result, “Overall, adults report that stress has a negative impact on their mental and physical health” (2016) with many people feeling as if they are not doing enough to manage their stress. help-pic

Fear is a stress motivator, but with the right resources, partners, coaches, etc. we can find a good support network that can help us achieve the best outcome and transition from fear to positive choice making. The positive choice is allowing our diversity to benefit one another in stressful times.


“Creating Partnerships to Help YOU Succeed!”


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